1. Big Bang
Any sudden forceful beginning or radical change.

2. Light Box
A light source contained in a box and covered with a diffuser, used for situations where a shape needs to be seen with high contrast.

Big Bang Light Box is the result of our professional background in advertising and photography mixed with the apprenticeship as new parents.

We are happy to produce kids&family images for your long lasting memories.

Our Creative Mums Club is supported by a group of highly creative mothers that have kids under 10 and know a bit about patience, magic, love and fun. They work as Big Bang Light Box Stylists and they are ready to make your memories stand out different.

You can choose (optional) your STYLIST by location and the STYLE you like and they will bring our local photographer with them. 

There are four categories: Stylist Assistant, Junior Stylist, Senior Stylist and Master Stylist.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 We would love to meet you soon.